Friday, July 8, 2011

Another new cover?

Well, a writer friend told me a few weeks ago that Romance Novel is missing a huge market since it mostly parodies a certain sparkly teen vamp saga. To say the least, I've been hesitant to market the book toward that fan base. Though most of those readers are over 18 now, I know the saga probably has a continual cult following of impressionable young readers.

Do I dare use a cover that would appeal to them? How can I not when I know I'm missing out on a large number of adult readers? Finally, I came to three conclusions.

1. Deadward is an environmentally friendly, disco loving vampire.
2. There's a part of me, and it's a pretty dominant part of me, that thirsts for more sales.
3. Teenage girls who are downloading books to their Kindles need their parents' credit cards. Hopefully, their parents are irrevocably and unconditionally not allowing them to download adult books. Besides, I'll put a disclaimer in the blurb that this is an adult novel.

Sooo...Poor Flabio will certainly NOT be happy with me when he discovers I've traded his moobs for a were-gerbil, but business is business. Sorry Flabio. I am about 90 percent sure I will change the cover. What do you think?


  1. The weregerbil is awesome but...DON'T YOU DARE GET RID OF FLABIO!

    Love that cover.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Otherwise, I might never have found out about your awesome books. I like to laugh. A lot.

  2. OOPS! Flabio has been removed. Sorry. I was actually thinking of giving poor Flabio a FB fan page. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well and for writing such an awesome blog yourself. PJ

  3. Love the were-gerbil! Poor Flabio. Will he get over the shame? Will he need counselling? Or perhaps copious amounts of vodka? (He should at least Tweet. It would be therapeutic.)