Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FLABIO'S new makeover!

Kindle authors, you rock! After much discussion on my cover, the authors over there on the Kindleboard, decided my cover fonts needed more 'pop'. If you are an author on Kindleboards, do you belong? If not, you are MISSING out!

Sooooo, here's my new cover. They suggested moving my little disclaimers beneath FLABIO'S moobs (man-boobs) and making the fonts bolder and a more legible Seriff. What do you think????

Though none of the kind authors suggested FLABIO get in better shape, I'm happy to report he is working out by jogging to the fridge, then to the toilet, and back again. Cramming those giant blueberry muffins layered with partially-hydrogenated-oil-artificial-butter-flavored-substitute into his mouth is a workout in itself!

Thank you Kindle Authors! PJ


  1. Oh, Flabio, you gorgeous hunk o' man flesh...

    Ahem. Yes, where was I? Oh, right.

    Your. Cover. Is. Awesome.

    That is all.

  2. Thank you SHEA. I was thinking about tweaking the fonts just a little more. My poor fonts are getting slammed right now on Kindleboards and I wantthe most eye catching cover.

    Anyhoo, toooootally off the subject, but FLABIO took your compliment to heart and he was wondering you are married or if you would like to share some giant blueberry muffins with him. Something like that. PJ

  3. Whatever in the world you're smoking - please share! Hilarious!

  4. Drugs are BAD, John! Haven't you ever heard of JUST SAY NO?!? Geez....

    BTW, thanks for the kudos.

  5. Romance Novel was a wonderfully entertaining spoof on the paranormal romance genre.


  6. Hey, thanks, Jojo. I've moved from this site to www.pjjoneswrites.com