Saturday, May 14, 2011

Too Many Ebooks or does someone want to hog the island?

A nice fella by the name of ANDRE posted a blog article that there are too durned many ebooks.

My favurit quote-tashun is how he calls us Kindlers 'hillbillies'.

"My adventures among the unfriendly hillbillies in the Kindle Swamplands..."

Mr. Andre, I don't reckon yur from around my neck of the woods, but Iz sure glad youz smart enough ta writes that article showin' us how dumb we are and all.

He wuz brave enuf ta soil his britches and trudge thru the Kindle muck and post the link ta his article on the Kindle Boards. Some of them Kindle authors is darned near riled up. I ain't no rocket scientist, but I gets the feeling Mr. Andre is tryin' ta hog the epub island and kick all of us other not-so-smart writters off.

That's just my opin-yun. That and about two bucks will git ya a cola and some corn fritters.

Now, normally, I ain't one ta hold no hard feelings, but I'z wanted ta show a little somethin' ta Mr. Andre. See, there, THE ISLAND IS MINE!

And a nutter thing, I gots the last mango, chocolate and Twinkie, (have ta read Kindle Boards ta git that joke) and I ain't sharin it wit nobody, except my fella hillbillie writters! PJ


  1. Yeeeeee-haw! Boy howdy, stuff lak that sure done make me madder than a hornets nest. I meen, us'n writter ain't hillillys an-ee more'n he's a pole cat!

    Thanks fer stickn up fer yer guns!

  2. Durn tootin' we'z madder than a hog-tied bull! But I gots me an island, now, see? Right smack in the middle of that pool in my trailer park.

  3. Hillbillie? Wells now, I resembles that insiniuatshun! Iffen he don't like our island, he can plum get off.

  4. *snatches a Twinkie and plops down in the sand* Yup. An' wutz funnier'n us bein called 'hillbillies' is that them same city folk accuse us of havin the "us vs them" mentality. They wanna kick me of this here island, they better bring a load a thugs and a couple shotguns, cuz I ain't goin nowhere.

    -Samantha Warren (proud hillbilly)

  5. Gals, that's wut I'z been sayin' all along. If that hi-falutin city writter done want ta poke fun at us hillbillie folk, he done lost some of his durn sales. Don't he know we'z hillbillies buy them books, too? We can't read much, but we likes ta look at them purty covers.